Sean Parnell


Sean Parnell is a former U.S. Army Airborne Ranger who served in the legendary 10th Mountain Division for six years, retiring as a captain. He received two Bronze Stars (one for valor) and the Purple Heart. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Duquesne University. He lives with his wife and two children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Praise for Outlaw Platoon

“This is a unique look at the inner workings of a combat platoon in Afghanistan and the forging of a cohesive fighting force out of a wildly diverse group of men under an exceptional leader.”

Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor

Black Hawk Down for the 21st Century. This book has Hollywood blockbuster written all over it. It’s an absolutely gripping, edge-of-your-seat ride.”

—Brad Thor, author of Full Black

“This is a book of probing honesty, a book of wrenching drama and courage that one finds in reading something like Sebastian Junger’s War or Karl Marlantes’s Matterhorn. At times, I forgot I was reading about a war, but that I was drawn up in the drama in the same way you can be when reading Krakauer's Into Thin Air.”

—Doug Stanton, author of Horse Soldiers

Outlaw Platoon is a detailed and utterly gripping account of what our soldiers endure on the front lines… the on-the-ground realities of a war we so rarely witness.”
— Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried

“A profoundly moving exploration into the nature and evolution of the warrior bond.”
—Jack Coughlin, author of Shooter

“A terrific tale of combat leadership.”
—Bing West, author of No True Glory

“This is a story of genuine emotion and drama…, but more importantly, one that shows us that the love and brotherhood forged in the fires of combat are the most formidable qualities a unit can possess.”
—Steven Pressfield, author of
Gates of Fire and The Warrior Ethos

“An epic story as exacting as it is suspenseful.”
—Clive Cussler