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“To understand and appreciate the bravery of the scientists working to protect our nation from such bio-epidemics, as well as how the U.S. military goes about protecting its troops from such threats, Inside the Hot Zone is a terrifying, but indispensable guide.”—Joshua Sinai, Washington Times

(Joshua Sinai Washington Times 2019-11-26)

Inside the Hot Zone is very well written and covers sufficient background about the author’s journey, his medical credentials, and simplified explanations of medical diseases and associated protocols. . . . I highly recommend this to all members of the military regardless of rank or branch of service.”—Lt. Col. George Hodge, Military Review

(Lt. Col. George Hodge Military Review 2020-01-10)

“Writing in a style reminiscent of The Coming Plague, Kortepeter sheds new light on the horrors of bioweapons, on the inner workings of the federal bureaucracy, and on the insiders’ views of the anthrax attacks. His expertise and experiences make Inside the Hot Zone compelling reading for anyone interested in scientific, medical, or military thrillers. And, scariest of all, the thrills are real.”—Ted Cieslak, MD, Col. (Ret.) U.S. Army, medical co-director of the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and medical director of the Nebraska Quarantine Unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center